ChuckieDregs is an online show about video games by Ryan Macleod, Owen O’Donnell, Dee Custance, Guy Woodward and Michael Hoffs.

You may remember Ryan from past games review shows such as Consolevania, VideoGaiden and Gameswipe. Michael was also in Consolevania. Owen and Guy weren’t though. They have Youtube channels. Because they’re young, single men. BACK TO RYAN! These days Ryan is no longer drunk and so has to make videos to stop himself seeing the abyss! Dee is a girl.

Friends of ChuckieDregs who help sometimes are:

Richie Morgan
Calzo Houdini
Alan Viewpoint
Midnight Resistance
Anto Doyle
Gerry McLaughlin


ChuckieDregs wants to know what YOU’ve got to say about game things as well, we’re always open to submissions and new ideas. So you can send us your video links or art or whatever to and if we like them we might include them in an episode!